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 Original design Solid mesquite cross.  Cross members are tapered and angled to a  point on the inside.  Mesquite with a satin clear coat.  Ready to hang on your wall.

Dimensions: 10-1/2" x        10-1/2" x 2" Deep; Cross members are 1" Deep x       1-1/2" thick.






Flower Petal shaped Cross is white washed with gold or silver trim and a clear coat. Ready to hang. 

 Dimensions: 7-1/2" wide x 9" tall.

Triple Cross on Mount Calvary.  Burned and stained for rustic look.  Pine piece is stained and burned, while hardwood piece is just burned.  Item is currently available in pine or mesquite.  Custom wood types can be ordered.

Dimensions: 3/4" thick x 6-3/4" wide x 7" tall.

Hanging Nail Cross Plaque. Outlined nail cross mounted on dark hardwood or stained pine.   Shown with pine cross on mesquite back - materials can vary. 

Dimensions are approximately 3-1/2" wide x 8" tall x 1-1/2" thick. 

This Cross with a Halo is ready to hang on any wall,  is an Original Design and shown constructed of pine. The halo is gold and silver with the cross stained to a custom color chosen by the buyer.  Shown with a red oak stain and gloss finish. 

Dimensions: 7-1/2" tall x 5-3/4" wide x 3/4" thick.








Celtic Cross Hanging Plaque.  Outlined Celtic Cross mounted on dark hardwood or stained pine.  Cross is made of pine with design burned on the wood.  Shown mounted on stained pine. 

Dimensions: 3-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" tall x 1-1/2" thick.



Original design cross - made of pine. Stained with your choice of colors and a metallic paint rub applied. Polyacrylic clear coated. Hangs on the wall. 

Dimensions: 5" Wide x 7 Tall.


Lenten Cross Constructed of solid hardwood.  Mesquite shown.  Six holes for each phase of lent to hold tapered candles are 3/4" diameter.  Other materials available on request.

Dimensions 12" Long x 8" Wide ~ thickness varies.

"My Savior" hanging Easter Cross.   This original design cross came from a custom order.  It was designed from his idea.  Constructed of solid oak or other material as requested. "Crown of Thorns" on top with 3 spikes on each end.

Dimensions:  10" Tall x 8" wide x ~1" deep - cross members 1-1/4" wide.


Layered decorative cross of mesquite and original design.   Standard straight edge cross with beveled layer and straight edge curved layer.  Semi-gloss finish and ready to hang.  Solid mesquite construction.  Other material and dimensions available on request.

Dimensions: 8" Tall x 4-1/2" Wide x 1-1/2" Deep.









Diamond pointed cross hangs on wall.  All tips are beveled.  Piece is ready to hang.  There are several different colors, wood types and embellishments available.  You can add your own with an easy request.  Shown in pine and painted, oak, distressed hardwood, cedar and cedar with painted trim.  Other materials, colors and stains available on request.

Dimensions: 8" wide x 12" tall x 1" thick









Solid Oak Dove Wall Accent.  Solid Oak construction with a gloss clear coat.  Can be hung at several different angles.  Excellent piece for homes celebrating post Easter or year round.  Customization available on the clear coat or type of material

Dimensions: 12"x13"x3/4"

Solid Oak Dove Wall Clock accent.  Solid Oak construction with a gloss clear coat.  Excellent piece for homes celebrating post Easter or year round.  Customization available on the clear coat or type of material

Dimensions: 12"x13"x3/4"





















Description Item # Price
Pine Dove WD-004 $22.50

Wall mounted flying dove. Solid pine construction and unfinished.  Ready to finish and hang.  Solid wood construction with biscuit joints and indoor/outdoor glue.  Can be used outdoor with proper finish.

Dimensions: 18" x 19-1/2" x 1"









Cross with Dove constructed of pine and stained to customers request.  Looks good on a mantle, shelf or hanging on a wall.  Cross can be hung or left to free stand.  Shown in Red Mahogany and Cherry.  Please state your desired stain color.
Description Item # Price
Halo Cross EC-009 $7.98
Description Item # Price
Nail Cross PC-001 $9.99
Description Item # Price
Flower Cross EC-012 $6.98
Description Item # Price
Layered Cross EC-023 $20.90
Description Item # Price
Cross EC-013 $6.49
Description Item # Price
Dove Cross EC-010 $6.95
Description Item # Price
Oak Dove WD-003 $24.98
Description Item # Price
Dove Clock WC-004 $32.98
Description Item # Price
Celtic Cross PC-001 $14.95
Description Item # Price
"My Savior" Cross EC-022 $24.98
Description Item # Price
Mesquite Cross EC-025 $15.00
Description Item # Price
Lenten Cross EC-021 $34.98
Description Item # Price
3 Cross EC-001 $13.95
Description Item # Price
Painted with vine EC-016 $10.98
Oak EC-017 $9.98
Distressed Hardwood EC-018 $7.98
Cedar EC-019 $8.98
Cedar with Gold trim EC-020 $9.98

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